What We Stand For

Jimmy’s Products

Our products are created with quality standards that are set in place to guarantee a quality outcome. These standards strive to deliver clean solutions, created using effective ingredients designed by science, joined together with proven natural solutions that have stood the test of time. All of our products are tested under a variety of conditions to ensure they stay safe, sound and deliver hyper effective results.

Our Cruelty Free Testing Process

Our products are all put through a meticulous testing process to insure we’re providing you with the highest quality products available. Our testing process is 100% cruelty free, with testing only done on humans to ensure a safe, quality product.

This testing includes:

  • Stability testing, to insure our products will be able to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions.
  • Dermatologist Tested and Ophthalmologist approved, to insure our products are safe to use for our consumers, and meet all industry standards for a quality product.
  • All of our ingredients are tested to insure a standard of effectiveness. Once our products are formulated, we test them with a variety of educated consumers in order to guarantee an effective, quality product before being released to the public.

Ingredient Selection

We pride ourselves in only including the necessary ingredients required to deliver you an effective product. We make sure to exclude parabens, mineral oil, and any other potentially hazardous ingredients, as well as ingredients that could sensitize or irritate your skin.

Our products are designed to deliver easy to use, drug free solutions in order to bring out the young, healthy, and attractive skin you’re looking for. 

We choose ingredients driven by science and results, not myths and marketing.