L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 100%
L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 100%

L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 100%

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L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 325 Mesh Powder

20 grams

This is the best Bio-Available Vitamin C you can use in your Skin Care routine.

Simply add one small scoop of the Vitamin C Powder to another part of your routine such as hyaluronic acid.  The powder quickly dissolves and then apply to your face.  

The tingling sensation is normal and you will quickly see these benefits:

  • safe for most skin types
  • hydration
  • brightening
  • reduce redness
  • reduce hyperpigmentation
  • reduces the appearance of under-eye circles
  • promotes collagen production
  • may help prevent sagging
  • may protect against sun damage
  • may soothe sunburns

Vitamin C is an important part of any skincare routine.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Gluten Free
How to Use?