Our Story

We love individuality!! 

We are a non-gender specific brand and love you for being you.

Every freckle, every scar, every laugh line tells your story.  We are here to help you express that with skincare, cosmetics, and self-care. 

We believe that putting lables on individuals is just wrong!!  We know that you are unique and we are going to help you share that with the world however you want. 

Skincare – All Function / Zero Fluff

Clinical Researched Formulations with the correct concentration of key ingredients to give you the best results. 

Clean Beauty, We are free from Parabens, Sulfates, and things that are bad for your skin. 

No Animal Testing!!! 

We love our furry family members!  (who would do this?  Avoid these people)


    Sometimes we just need some alone time to decompress make our bodies, and mind relax and feel better.  So grab some wine (or for me a Vodka Martini Up with Olives).  Drop a Bath Bomb and recover from what has got you wound up, stressed, or rebuild from a hard workout.

    Our testing includes:

    • Stability testing, to insure our products will be able to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions.
    • Dermatologist Tested and Ophthalmologist approved, to insure our products are safe to use for our consumers, and meet all industry standards for a quality product.
    • All of our ingredients are tested to insure a standard of effectiveness. Once our products are formulated, we test them with a variety of educated consumers in order to guarantee an effective, quality product before being released to the public.

    Ingredient Selection

    We only use the necessary ingredients required to deliver you an effective product. We make sure to exclude parabens, mineral oil, and any other potentially hazardous ingredients, as well as ingredients that could sensitize or irritate your skin.

    Our products are designed to deliver easy to use, drug free solutions in order to bring out the young, healthy, and attractive skin you’re looking for. 

    We choose ingredients driven by science and results, not myths and marketing.